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Residential Pickup


All American Waste provides residential trash and recycling pickup with our durable curbside toters for efficiency and we save you money.


We can also customize pickup services for private homes, developments and small businesses.

Toter Tips:

  • Put the toters out before 6 a.m. on collection day. Within 2 feet of the road edge and 3-4 feet from obstructions, such as fences, lamp posts, mail boxes, trees, cars and recycling bins.

  • Separate your trash and recycling into their respective toters.

    • Recyclable items consist of magazines, paper bags, junk mail, office paper, phone books, newspapers, cardboard (flattened), paperboard, plastics (#1-7), aluminum (cans, foil, pans), metal cans/containers and glass bottles/jars.

  • Do not overload the toter

  • Do not dump hot ashes or flammable items in your toter

  • Do not dump grass clippings, brush or sand in your toter

  • Do not use your toter for paint or other hazardous liquids

Food Scraps:

Vermont Department of

Environmental Conservation

Beginning July 1, food scraps will be banned from the trash. Go to to learn how to reduce food waste, manage your scraps, and see examples of how other Vermonters are managing their food scraps with backyard composting, drop-offs, and curbside food scrap pick-up services.

If you are not able to compost on your own property, All American Waste can help.  Click below to arrange for pickup of your food scraps. 

Rolling Toters 

Household Trash

Retail_recycle_blue toter.jpg

Rolling Toters - Recycling
Household Recyclable

Plate Food Scrap.jpg

Food Scrap Pickup
Household Foods Only

Food Scrap.jpg
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